Our mission: a safe and happy home for every pet

Pet licensing is the easiest way to protect not just your pet, but local animals in need. Yet, no one seems to know anything about it. Why do we license? Where does the money go? How do we do it?

DocuPet is here to provide transparency and value around the ultimate conduit for animal welfare. We've made pet licensing easy and valuable for everyone. Our reason why is simple: because our pets, communities and shelters deserve it.

1 in every 3 pets will become lost in their lifetime.

Pets without proper identification go to shelters

Costs to operate and manage shelters are higher than ever, and resources are tight

Pet licences are your way of helping, we made a special tag that helps your pet get home and keeps them out of the shelter

Which opens up vital space and resources for the shelter animals that truly need it

Why we're here

We understand just how much pets bring to our lives. That's why we aim to equip pet owners with the tools they need to keep their pets safe and happy through pet licensing.

Pet licensing. *cue yawn* Hey, we get it, it doesn't sound like the most exciting idea in the world, but stay with us here... pet licences are vital in not just keeping your own pet safe, they are the ultimate conduit for animal welfare.

In our dream world every pet holds a valid licence. This would mean more funds going towards local shelters and more resources allocated to their animals that truly need the care. It would mean lost pets returning home faster thanks to a community-wide network working together to unite families with furry friends.

In fact, shelters rely on funds provided by pet licences to support their work. The problem? Not that many pets are licensed. That's where we come in.

We know licences are really important and we've done the dirty work to create the perfect solution for the pet licensing problem. We help hundreds of communities across North America drive forward these crucial programs aimed to protect loved pets and shelter animals alike. Whether or not you live in a community where we are the official pet licensing partner, we hope you now understand the importance of pet licensing, and get your pets tagged up.

Paying a "fee" to place a licence tag on a pet's neck isn't a tax, it's a life source for local shelters

DocuPet was created not just to improve the pet licensing experience, but to redefine the process entirely. We've made licensing easy and valuable for everyone. Our reason why is simple: because our pets, communities and shelters deserve it.

For you, the pet owner:

Offering a simple experience for licensing a pet throughout their life while providing added value through products and services complimentary to pet ownership.

For the Town of Cobourg:

Providing a turnkey solution that allows for a streamlined and automated licensing program which yields positive results year over year.

For the community the Town of Cobourg serves:

Keeping local pets safe and identifiable while providing local animal welfare programs with the funds and resources they need through an improved pet licensing program.

So, how do we do it?

We built an easy online experience for pet owners like you

No more trips to City Hall, no more mailed in forms, no more inexplicit websites. We've built an uncomplicated step-by-step process for pet owners to license their pets in just a few clicks. Required documents may be easily uploaded via photo or file attachments and payment is securely processed online. More than one pet? No problem, we give owners the option to license as many pets as possible all within the same transaction.

We’ve made pet tags fun and valuable

Not only do our (super cute) tags double as your pet’s official licence, they are equipped with our free HomeSafe 24/7 lost pet service and linked to your pet’s secure online profile. Available in over 200 exclusive styles, or create your very own design!

We collect licence revenue for 100% allocation to your community

Let us repeat that, DocuPet never takes a cut from licensing revenue, we simply provide administrators with an easy way to collect licence fees which always go right back into the communities the Town of Cobourg serves. These fees help to support crucial local animal welfare initiatives that are keeping local animals in need, as well as your own pet, safe.

We’re freeing up time, money, and resources for administrators

DocuPet takes on the burden administrators face not only to free up resources, but to bring in more revenue for the communities they serve. An efficiently run program amounts to more time, energy and money available for the other critically demanding animal welfare-related tasks at hand. Our one-of-a-kind software solution helps them do this.

We put in the work and expertise to overcome the pet licensing issue because the more communities we serve, the more pets we can save. Together.